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Find out more | Yoga 108 Bali | Yoga Studio and Retreats

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How deep do you want to go? At yoga 108 Retreats we practice yoga ON and OFF the mat. We offer a full 6 day immersive yoga retreat in Bali every month.

You can learn the true power of yoga and how it can improve all aspect of your life. We employ the wisdom and technique of traditional Hatha yoga to empower you and give you the tools you need to be the best version of yourself.

108 Yoga retreats are ideal for those looking for:
• an intensive opportunity for self- development
• an expansive and culturally rich experience in beautiful Bali
• an opportunity to learn yoga philosophy to improve everyday life

Our yoga retreats are a specially assembled intensive program and retreat; inspired by traditional Indian yoga teacher training programs. During our retreats you will dive deeper and learn useful aspects of yoga, which includes proper fundamentals and sequencing of asanas, pranayamas for clarity and increased vital energy flow, meditations techniques to develop mental and emotional control, traditional philosophy and practices adapted to modern 21st century life styles. You will learn and try different practices and techniques, as well as getting an experience that is unique and personal for your needs.

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Join us this December 1st-7th in Bali for an immersive yoga retreat. Limited places available.
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